White Thermal Cotton Knit Human Jacket

White Thermal Cotton Knit Human Jacket

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Featured Material: White Light/Medium Weight Thermal Cotton Knit, Minimal Stretch. Item comes with drawstring, liner, and external label color of your choice. Please add in the order notes.

Customization Options: We want your item to be a specialized, customized, self-expression piece - just for you! Each piece is one of a kind...

  • Classic - This is the original theF0LD Jacket and the most popular and suggested item. This comes with armholes that expose about the length of your rib cage.
  • Narrow Back Panel - Example features in images
  • Full Coverage Back with High Armholes - This cut is similar to the cut of an athletic zip vest. Example in Images
  • Extra-Low Armholes - These jackets are similar to wieght lifters muscle tanks. The armholes expose your entire side body. This leave no room for side pockets so a center front internal pouch is installed
  • Crop Top - This is the Classic jacket, just shorter and tighter!
  • Cowl with Hood - This is a long big hood with a cowl at the bottom. Not recommeded for heavier materials. Will put extra weight around neck area.
  • Liner Color - Have a special solid color you want to line your jacket? If I happen to have to have it in stock or can easily find it, you can order a special liner color at no additional cost. Add information in order notes.
  • Label Color - There are a limited number of external label custom colors. 

Vinyl Printing Customization: https://thef0ld.myshopify.com/products/vinyl-printing-customization

  • Front (+$7)
  • Back Graphic or Just Number or Just Name (+$7)
  • Back Name & Number (+$7)
  • Name & Number or Back Graphic, & Front Graphic  (+$10)

    **Please add additional customization requests to your cart at checkout. If you would like vinyl customization, please indicate what number, name, or graphic you would like in the checkout order notes. 

    SIZING: Please be careful when picking your sizing option. Be mindful that there is a custom size chart in the product images to help you choose correct sizing

    Please Note: Allow 3-4weeks for delivery. All products are created by hand with love and attention to detail. Every jacket is one of a kind. Each jacket takes about 3 hours to create from cutting material to packaging and getting it ready for you!

    Featured Model: Kristen Powell "Black Bolt" of Rail City Rollers wearing a small extra low arm holes jacket with a cowl.