Oatmeal Double Ribbed Knit Satin or Anti-Microbial Lined Slouch Beanie

Oatmeal Double Ribbed Knit Satin or Anti-Microbial Lined Slouch Beanie

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 This product is made for the slouchy fun beanie look and for hair protection!

These come in light and heavy weight fabric for any season. They come in both standard slouch and extra slouchy. Each hat is lined with either a silk lining or an athletic anti-microbial lining. All hats are handmade at time of order and like everything else from theF0LD, are gender-free.


MATERIAL: Oatmeal Double Ribbed Knit Fabric 

SATIN LINING: Using satin lined headwear for daily use and sleeping has proven to create healthier hair, better looking hair, hydrated hair, and give you a ready to go look. It minimizes friction between your hair and harsh materials, even cottons, that strip your hair of moisture, increasing dryness, and therefore increasing split ends. This lining also helps minimize frizz and helps hair keep its shape. You can do all of this while looking great! No more fru fru satin bonnets at night and wake up ready to go in the morning. 

ATHLETIC LINING: This is a performance grade moisture management tricot. This moisture management technology allows fabric to dry quickly. In doing so, it keeps one's skin dry to increase endurance in active environments. This material is incorporated with an anti-microbial treatment preventing odor and growth of bacteria, fungi and mold for a healthier and more hygienic active lifestyle. Antimicrobial fabrics and textiles are fiber-based substrates to which antimicrobial agents have been applied at the surface, or incorporated into the fibers, rendering a product that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

ROLLER DERBY COMMUNITY: The athletic lining is made for working out and can be used as under helmet beanie. The material was obtained to specifically for the helmet wearing derby community. These are made to replace our soggy over-used bandanas and keep us bacteria free. No more washing bandanas after every practice or getting hair caught in tying them. 

SIZING: SM/MD is the standard one size fits most size. The hats are made with elastic. If you know you know "one size fits most" does not typically work for you in hats, please order LG/XL or measure your head for more accuracy. For longer hair/locs try the extra slouchy if you like that longer beanie look. Add extra notes in the checkout section if you have further accommodations.

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