Furbaby Jackets

Furbaby Jackets

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These jackets are made with the traditional styles and variations of the adult jackets but are made as compliments to the furbaby's parent's jackets. This clothing collection comes handmade to order based on your furry baby's needs.

These jackets are a complementary look to the basic adult jackets in different finishing styles for our favorite fur babies. These jackets are typically for dogs and cats but we can try to custom create something for any creature. Just submit a custom order.

Get matching outfits for you and yours!

These colors and materials are from our human jacket line product. Please be careful to check to make sure you are selecting the color/material you want. 

This jacket features the traditions large low arm holes with clip fasteners similar to the slouch cowl or the hoodie option. This product can be made with 1 of the 16 types of fabric featured. 

Standard Specification: No Zipper, No Vinyl, Standard Width Back Panel, Standard Cowl