SM/MD Hood Crop Jacket: Light Heather Grey with Dark Grey Accents

SM/MD Hood Crop Jacket: Light Heather Grey with Dark Grey Accents

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Welcome to TheF0LD! We want to offer you custom sizes and color combos that are one of a kind. It all depends on how you want your jacket to fit! Do not get caught up on that name of the size. Check out the images and see if this is the special item you are looking for!

Sizing: As you notice, the sizing is listed as in between sizing. At theF0LD, We really try to center body positivity in our shopping and wearing experience. We do not want you to get caught up on the size because sizing is arbitrary. It is all about you and how you want something to fit. In the photos you will find 4 models of different sizes and shapes. We could all almost where any of the jackets but they may not flatter us in a way that reflects out personal style and comfort. Use the photos and different fits on the different models to help be you sizing guide to get something you like and believe will fit you the was you want! If you need to, there is a size chart for our more tactile learners. This is just a guide and is limiting. 

Maybe this one of a kind jacket is for you!
Size: SM/MD
Outer Fabric: Light Heather Grey Light Weight Soft Sweatshirt
Liner Fabric: Coral Light Weight Rayon Blend
Drawstrings: Dark Grey
Grommets & Aglets: Gunmetal
External Label: Silver
Bottom Ribbing: Dark Heather Grey Stretch Ribbing
Neckline: Hood

The following item comes as is and cannot be altered. Please check out our sizing chart, model chart of different fits, and ask us any questions before ordering.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping on these ready made jackets.