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People keep asking...why do clothes need to be gender free? Well, why don't they? Why do "boyfriend" jeans need to exist or "metro" skinny jeans or men's extra long tunic shirts (just an fyi...they are just dresses.)? Between these trends in clothing and Jaeden Pinett Smith getting blasted in the news every other week, I was kind of over it. Clothing did not ask to be gender specific or gender mocked. It just asked to be fashion. So, came the birth of theF0LD. Item by item we plan to take over the fashion industry with conversations about the "why" behind the men's and women's departments have to be so separate why also secretly being so integrated. 

This is a movement. We celebrate enthusiastically everything it means for us and others to be who we are in our community. We find the grass and dirt that connects us at our foundations but revel in our diversities that build us. Some of us are strange, some of us are old, some of us are brown, some of us are silenced, some of us are differently abled, some of us are queer, some of our difference you can't see, some of it we wear on our sleeveless sleeves. Where we intersect, we become collective of rad humans. 

We are The F0LD. 


Talk about it.



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